First impression on the new iPhone 11 Pro as a photographer - Chee Sim

First impression on the new iPhone 11 Pro as a photographer

Android or iPhone? I think I have had this dilemma for years. Every year after Apple announced the new iPhone, I somehow felt underwhelmed and had the urge to switch over to an Android phone. When I shopped at Bestbuy, I put my iPhone XS side by side with a Samsung Galaxy Phone, and my iPhone looked extremely dated. The screen of Samsung's phone was gorgeous, and I couldn't help but really want to switch. But then unfamiliarity scared me, and that kept me with my iPhone. I have always said, if Samsung would loan me a phone to try, I may end up switching over.

The incremental upgrades with iPhone's year after year have bored me to death. The few reasons that kept me from jumping ship were its stability and reliability. On top of that, I am using an iMac, and I would genuinely miss the convenience of Airdropping images and files to my iPhone. Perhaps, I haven't hit the tipping point yet. This year, I am still sticking with the iPhone family, and upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro. After the purchase transaction completed at the Apple Store, the sale person asked if I was excited about the new phone. I couldn't help myself, and I blatantly told him I simply wasn't.

After using my new iPhone 11 Pro for a couple of days, I found some features I like, and also encountered situations that disappointed me. First, iOS 13 is glitchy. During lunchtime, I saw a Colorado Sage tree covered with beautiful purple flowers. I was excited to pull out my iPhone 11 Pro to capture it, but the camera app kept crashing. After restarting the camera app a few times, I gave up; it wasn't working, and I didn't have time to wait for my phone to restart.

The portrait mode is not working well most of the time. Whatever other reviewers said, I am not happy with it as a photographer, and very unlikely to use it. The blurred edge is fake, and it often blurs the wrong thing. Although I don't expect myself to shoot RAW on my phone frequently, it would be nice for them to be consistent. Right now, I can only shoot JPG with the ultra-wide lens.

Let's talk about things that I do like with this new iPhone. The camera white balance on this phone is incredible! I am shocked by how true to life the images look! Compared to a few years ago when I first switched to using an iPhone, people all looked like pumpkins. Then we have the fantastic Night mode. Holding the camera still for 1-3 seconds and you will get a brightly exposed picture even when you are in the dark. Yes, the detail is not quite as good as in regular shooting mode, but indeed good enough to capture pictures that are worth sharing. I could see food bloggers use this feature to shoot food images in a dimmed restaurant!

Captured with Night Mode on iPhone 11 Pro at a dimmed restaurant.

Captured with Night Mode on iPhone 11 Pro at a dimmed restaurant.

I will continue to shoot and test the cameras on my iPhone 11 Pro, so stay tuned if you'd like to see more examples and what I can capture with my brand new gadget!

*All photos are shot with iPhone 11 Pro and edited in Adobe Lightroom

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