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G.A.S. on Ricoh GR III and Huawei P30 Pro

Brennan Wolford

If you still haven't heard of G.A.S. in photography, it stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome, and it means when a photographer keeps wanting to acquire more gears while the current setup is perfectly fine.

You can give it a term, but I think G.A.S. is just some form of addiction. I know I have always liked to collect stuff. When I was a kid, I collected stickers, and once when I was passionate about crafting, I kept boxes of yarns. Till this day, I still buy new journals time to time even though I rarely write anything down on paper.

Since I started shooting more men's portraits, my Gear Acquisition Syndrome has settled down quite a bit. I do still purchase new gear occasionally, but it hasn't been like it used to be. I focus on my work, and with a busy editing and shooting schedule, I don't have time to develop G.A.S. One of the reasons I am buying less is because I am not big on organizing. The more I think of the limited space I have, the less I buy.

Even though I made a trip to Japan recently, I didn't buy any camera gear in that heaven of camera equipment. However, due to all the free time I had while traveling, a couple of things did pop up in my mind.

Here are the two items I am interested in but not sure I would purchase. They are Ricoh GR III and the Huawei P30 Pro cellphones. With my portrait work, I have gotten used to shooting 42MP images on my Sony A7RII, and I wouldn't be interested in buying cameras that shoot less than 20MP. Of course, this is just a personal preference. The new Ricoh GR III comes with a 24MP sensor, but the main reason I have always liked to try a GR camera is because of its 28mm focal length. It's a slightly wider focal length, and this is not how I usually shoot. I often shoot in 55mm on my Sony, and I am learning to love 35mm, but 28mm is a little beyond my comfort zone. At some point, I would love to try it and challenge myself. I have seen many photographers get amazing results with a unique wide angle look. It was available when I was in Japan, but seeing that the price was higher in Japan, it made sense for me to wait.

From what I understand, Huawei is not selling their phones in the United States, at least you won't find it at your local Best Buy stores. Huawei P30 Pro's Youtube reviews have flooded my playlist. After hearing all the good things about it, I decided to go check it out when I was in Singapore. It's a gorgeous phone, and the camera features are phenomenal! I love playing with it at the store, but I couldn't convince myself to give up Apple's ecosystem. Perhaps, one day when Huawei decides to conquer the US market, they may consider setting up a loaning system, letting us rent out the device for some time before committing to switching to a completely different ecosystem.

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