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How I became a men's portrait photographer

Tyler Riola

I still feel a little funny to call myself a men's portrait photographer. As some of you may know that I do have another Instagram account, @CheeSim, that post anything from travel, lifestyle, architecture, to abstract. Whatever you like to address me, I am a photographer, and I am proud of my work!

Near the end of 2017, as holidays approaching, I was stressed out and had an urge to go shopping. Probably stopping by at a camera store wasn't a great idea as I tend to spend a lot of money there. I did an impulse buy and purchase a Sony A7RII full frame camera. Although that was not my first full frame camera, I thought it was a much more enjoyable experience compared to using a DSLR camera. The first lens I bought was a 55mm, f1.8 lens. It was a great sharp lens and was perfect for shooting portraits. I started to photograph people around me, and I am glad my friends were very accommodating, or else I probably wouldn't get on this photography journey.

Before I knew it was happening, I started to get more request to do shoots, and with all the photos on hands, I figured why not start a new Instagram account so that my friends wouldn't be tired of seeing a bunch of random portraits. So this was how I started. It was a happy coincidence. Perhaps planning is never my strength, taking a chance on possibilities suit me better and I have been enjoying my work since!

Follow my portrait photography journey on Instagram: @CheePortraits

Zach Wichman
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