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Photographing Lifespring Chiropractic's Grand Opening

A couple of weeks ago, it was Lifespring Chiropractic's grand opening day, and we were also celebrating Dr. Matt's 30th birthday! Although I don't photograph events frequently, I had the honor to shoot for Dr. Matt. There were so many of Dr. Matt's friends and clients attending the party. The vendors and sponsors set up booths, and the DJ was rocking the place! Everyone had a whale of a time, and it was a beautiful day!

Photographing an event is very different from doing a portrait session. People are talking, moving, or eating at events; the photographer has to capture the vibes and crucial moments. As a photographer for an event, I don't just snap and go; I have to think and prepare my way before the day of the event.

For Dr. Matt's grand opening day, I was shooting with my Panasonic G9, and a simple flash. I didn't want to have a complicated setup and having to spending time adjusting on the spot. Dr. Matt's office has big windows, so I had to consider how much natural light I got. On top of that, I had to watch out for the weird sunlight that reflected from the car outside. I arrived at the place early, before the event kicked off to have time to do some test shots. The test images would help me figure out how much flash power I need to use for every angle and every space at his office. During the event, I captured attendees interactions and also had them pose in some group shots. That way, everyone would get at least one good image if they didn't look their best in some other interaction shots.

Even though photographing events is not on my usual schedule, as a photographer, I think it is vital to get out of my comfort zone and take on some challenges! It was a great experience, both attending his party and photographing the moments!

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