Shot a Fujifilm disposable camera in Japan - Chee Sim

Shot a Fujifilm disposable camera in Japan

Other than 20 years ago when I was in school, I haven't been shooting film much. Photography with a film camera has become more challenging compared to using a digital camera as technology has advanced. With photography service being my full-time job, I don't have time to take up film photography as my hobby since I don't even have time to edit all the pictures I have shot or spend time updating my website.

In the last few years, I have been visiting Japan yearly because of my trip to visit family in Southeast Asia. Film photography is more prevalent in Japan compared to how much people do it in the United States. You can easily buy a roll of film at tech stores around town, and often you would have plenty of options. During my visit to Japan, I picked up a disposable camera to capture random moments as my adventure progressed. It was a relaxing experience since I knew I didn't have to edit them other than capturing my journey. The film developing service in Tokyo was very efficient as well. It only took them 90 minutes, and they were ready to transfer the images to my iPhone! Therefore if you ever make a trip to Japan, I highly recommend you to get a disposable camera! It's a fun and relaxed experience, and you get to share those beautiful, retro-looking images with your Instagram and Facebook friends!

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