Website updates and new images - Chee Sim

Website updates and new images

As a self-employed photographer, life can be chaotic when I am trying to take care of work and also to live a balanced life. Often I feel like the clown that juggling balls in a circus. Regardless, all the challenges are a small price to pay when I get to be creative and have more control with my work.

By now, we all know social media can be addictive. Even Instagram has added a "Your Activity" feature so that you can keep track of how much time you are spending on its platform. I am not going to share my social media data with you, but I can tell you it's not pretty.

The first step is to cut back my time on social media, particularly on Instagram, then I could redirect my energy to improve my website. Last weekend, I spent some time to restructure my site for it to better work in the long term.

On top of restructuring, I am also taking steps to add new portraits to my gallery. Today, added a few more new images of Mason. He is a dedicated athlete with a lot of passion with life. Other than being great in front of a camera, the book choice he recommended has been excellent as well!

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